Tech Dispatch #1 – “What Happened in Hamelin”

Artistic Director Gina Marie Hayes

Welcome to the new home of the Red Egg Theater blog!

Today we move into the theater for the first time since we started rehearsals for “What Happened in Hamelin.” It’s been a blast meeting with my designers and working with fantastic actors throughout the rehearsal process – I never before knew that a baboon’s bark could be the voice of a Rat King, or how many ways there are to paint a porcelain doll. I’m so excited to get into the space and see everything begin to come to life.

If you saw our production of “Puppet Camelot,” you might be surprised by Hamelin – it’s much darker, more ponderous, and very spooky. While “Puppet Camelot” was a show for all ages, this is a very adult story told from the point of view of a child. The play is based on the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, with a healthy dose of poetry and therefore poetic license thrown in. It’s loosely set in a medieval village, with bauhaus-inspired makeup and shadow puppet magic to add a little extra spice. Above all it’s a sad, beautiful, frightening story, one that I’ve loved bringing to life.

We’ve been tweeting some sneak peek photos leading up to tech, and will be live-tweeting from inside the theater during the next few days, so check it out! You can check out the poster on our “Season” page above. We’ll also be posting some of our “Conversations with Cast and Crew” over the course of the production, so stay tuned to this space, and watch out for the rats!


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